Eugene Hudson was born and raised in Sandusky, Ohio. After earning two Bachelor degrees in Political Science and Information Technology from Bowling Green State University he went to work in the tech and finance world. The consummate professional, Eugene has dedicated his life to helping others while secretly pining for the opportunity to sneak away on a grand adventure based on a whim.

Influenced by the literary worlds of Clive Cussler and the infamous Horatio Hornblower, Eugene does what he can to create similar journeys his readers can immerse themselves in. He has a natural love for writing that he continues to cultivate and it is his unique perspective that allows these new worlds to blossom into literature gold.

Eugene enjoys those quiet hours with his wife and son but has a wild streak as well.  He is fond of the thrill of amusement parks, traveling to as many places as he can, and spending time on the shore of Lake Erie.

The one thing he wishes his readers to walk away with is having the satisfaction of going on an epic journey with him as they immerse themselves in his world.

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